About Me

There are three major themes in my career: Innovation, Digital Technologies and Ecosystems.

I am fascinated by the innovative possibilities of digital technologies, and how they can be implemented quickly and successfully through Ecosystems.

For the past 10 plus years, I’ve been particularly involved with the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , how it gives rise to innovative solutions and the strategic importance of collaboration, strategic partnerships and ecosystems .

Current activities
With the AI.FUND we invest in European AI startups.
I am the Managing Director of KI-Allianz Baden-Württemberg eG, which aims to establish a centre and ecosystem for AI in the state that is competitive and visible throughout Europe and internationally.
With ADI Innovation and IBHO Management , I advise enterprises, startups and the public sector on the implementation of digital transformation and applications of AI.

In 2020 I have been nominated by the German government as an Member of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), where I advance the topics of innovation & commercialization of AI with experts from 20 countries.
Since 2020 I support the German Federal Agency for disruptive Innovations (SPRIN_D) as an expert for AI
Since 2018 I support the German Government in the development of the German AI Strategy.

Past activities:

Through AI.Hamburg I promoted the transfer and use of AI in companies in Hamburg and Northern Germany. Together with other AI initiatives, we founded AI4Germany to foster collaboration and bring Germany into the AI age.
At appliedAI / UnternehmerTUM, I expanded the AI Ecosystem in Germany and Europe.
I supported the Tübingen AI Competence Center and the Cyber Valley Initiative as General Manager with a focus on the transfer of AI from science into business.
At IBM, I helped to roll out the topic of AI and Watson Health in Europe.
For almost 20 years, I held various management positions at SAP. I introduced new technologies to the market (ERP R/3), built up the global partnership with Microsoft, helped initiate the global technology partner program, was responsible for the product portfolio in the public sector and built up strategic risk management (today Foresight) for the Executive Board.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for details on my career.

I am a passionated photographer since I got my first camera well over 30 years ago. You can see some of my pictures here .

You can contact me at mail(at)ingo-hoffmann.com


About this Blog

This blog is about all the topics of interest to me. Innovation and strategy, ecosystems and strategic alliances , technology and enterprise software. Just to name a few. In 2017 I have added Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence as my main focus areas.

Views expressed in my blogs are mine.