Weekly Read on Digital Transformation, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

This weeks focus: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of work.

Artificial Intelligence combined with robotic will have a fundamental impact on the future of work. It will replace many many repetitive tasks. Jobs will go away. If you read Martin Ford’s book “The Rise of the Robots” you can get a glimpse on what might be coming. There are many scenarios. Some see mass unemployment and the end of the (western) societies. Others a bright future where most people will only work on things they like. And everything in between.

It is very important for us to understand the possible scenarios. Some of them might be coming sooner than later. We can influence these developments as consumers, citizens, employees and employers.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a seat and get ready for the weekly reads

6 ways to make sure AI creates jobs for all and not the few (World Economic Forum)
A good overview from Stephane Kasriel to understand the potential impact of AI and robotic. He shows the impact on repetitive tasks (AI will replace them), the disruption and the impact mostly on middle-skilled workers. But he also looks at the opportunities and argues that the longer term trend can be positive – if we make it so.

No one is prepared to stop the robot onslaught. (Quartz)
This in depth article from Steve LeVine outlines the impact that robots and Artificial Intelligence might have on our Jobs. He argues that many jobs – both blue and white collar – will be wiped out by robots. He sees the risk of social instabilities and discusses some of the ideas proposed by politicians or technologist how to address these risks.

AI: Human Augmenter Or Destroyer? (Forbes)
Bobby Bolla argues that beside all the negative impacts AI and robotic might have there is also a positive side. AI not only removes jobs, it also creates them. The key is to prepare today’s workers for the skills of tomorrow. Job training and education is key.

Artificial intelligence will create new kinds of work (Economist)
The Economist argues that technology is creating demand for work and humans will supply digital services to complement AI.