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Category: Strategy

AI Adoption

Nearly 50% of businesses in Germany believe AI is not relevant for them.
And there is another worrying fact. The danger of losing market share to competitors with (more effective) use of AI is described by only 12% of respondents as very large, 19% as large and 36% as medium-sized. It seems that many companies have not yet fully reflected the opportunities offered by AI – including those of their competitors.

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A list of information sources to better understand the world of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Innovation – carefully selected by Ingo Hoffmann.

I am getting asked quite frequently how to learn more about AI and how to stay on top of the curve. So I decided to create this list of information source I find interesting and relevant. I will update the list on a regular basis.

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Quo Vadis, AI?

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the technology world these days. And deep learning is at the core of many advances you may have seen. It looks like this is coming from nowhere but in reality the technique behind it is almost 30 years old. So the question is: Quo Vadis, AI?

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