GPAI Innovation Workshop



Last week I attended the GPAI Innovation Workshop in Montreal.

Representatives from member countries and selected experts from GPAI came together to discuss future topics and projects. It was an interesting and intense two-day workshop.

Topics around Generative AI, its regulation and impact as well as climate change were in the spotlight.

We discussed what role GPAI can play in these issues. How can we have a positive impact? What projects can we undertake to make a positive contribution as a multi-stakeholder initiative with now 29 member countries?

There were a lot of really exciting ideas and project suggestions. It will be interesting to see which of them will be implemented. It was especially exciting and important to have the different perspectives of the industrialized countries and the countries of the Global South, from Africa, Asia, South America at the same table and to discuss how we can take into account the different perspectives, demands and situations in the projects.

Thanks to CEIMIA for the great organization and location for the meeting, including a preview of the next program of The7fingers.

It was really nice to meet in person many of the colleagues and experts I have been working with for three years now, but only met on the screen so far. It shows once again that such personal contacts are extremely valuable and cannot be completely replaced by virtual meetings.

What became very clear to me again in this workshop is that for a responsible, safe and transparent use of AI, especially Generative AI, we need international cooperation, we need to involve the most diverse stakeholder groups.

GPAI can be a way to make this happen.