KI-Allianz Baden-Württemberg

Throughout my career, I have been driven by three themes: technology , innovation and ecosystems.

These three themes should be at the heart of any successful development, be it in companies, regions or countries.
For more than a decade now, my main focus has been on artificial intelligence (AI). How to take this technology from research to application? How to create innovative solutions that benefit businesses and society?
I have gained experience in this field working in large companies, in initiatives, as a co-founder of an AI start-up and as a founder of a venture capital fund for applied AI start-ups.

As the new Managing Director of the KI-Allianz Baden-Württemberg, I am delighted to be able to accompany the development of the KI-Allianz BW and to contribute my experience. The KI-Allianz BW is an innovative approach in which six regions in the German state of Baden-Württemberg have joined forces. The regions of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Neckar-Alb, Freiburg, Nordschwarzwald and Ostalbkreis combine their core competencies in the KI-Allianz BW to bundle their strengths in the field of AI and thus advance the topic for the benefit of all.

The KI-Allianz brings together leading AI research institutions with a strong economy. These include large corporations, world-leading medium-sized companies and many small businesses. The GDP of these regions is around €300 billion. This is more than the GDP of Portugal.

For the regions, innovation is a key driver. The use of AI will be a significant boost to this. The support of AI start-ups is an essential tool for the transfer of this innovative power to the streets.

What is important to me: This is not a closed initiative. The KI Alliance BW is open to new members, to cooperation with industry and other regions in Baden-Württemberg, with other German states and with international organizations.
Public discussion will play an important role. So will the exchange with politicians and NGOs.

KI-Allianz Baden-Württemberg will create a European and internationally competitive and visible center and ecosystem for artificial intelligence in Baden-Württemberg.

We are just getting started – stay tuned.