News not Noise #10

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, Business, Innovation, News not Noise

The focus this week is the important question how to best use AI in business. We look AI in healthcare and have some good information sources on the national AI strategies.

I would like to start with a very inspiring video from Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée. In his vision of the not-too distant future, we will take back control of our lives by controlling our data, cutting out middle men such as platforms (Uber, Airbnb, etc) and digital leaders (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and there will be no need for advertising. This will all be made possible with artificial intelligence (AI); not the version we know today which he believes is mostly a lot of irrelevant data, but AI that will curate and provide information specific to the needs of individuals. It’s called portable AI. We can take it anywhere with us: in our homes, on our mobile phones, even in a pin on our lapel.

In the fist 30 minutes of the video he will discuss his vision – highly recommended. It shows a great opportunity for Europe to lead the development of portable AI. You can also read a summary on the Roland Berger Blog.

AI and business

The Interactive Library of Use Case Families | appliedai
A comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence use case families developed by This can serve as a guideline for AI capabilities a company should look at either internally or with AI partner companies.

Real world AI | McKinsey
Very informative website by McKinsey Global Institute on AI’s application to real-world business problems..

Artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve Australia’s winemaking industry | opengovasia
May be not the first business that comes to mind when thinking about AI. But really interesting to see how AI and machine learning have the potential to change the face of winemaking.

AI 2020: the global state of intelligent enterprise |
A cross-industry study of the opportunities, trends and challenges that will reshape enterprise over the next two years

National AI strategies

I have discussed the rise of national AI strategies in recent newsletters. This is a fast moving topics. Here are a few information sources to keep up-to-date

The European Commission has published The European Artificial Intelligence landscape

The Future of Life Institute has an overview of national and international AI strategies als including countries like Russia, Singapore, Japan and many more.

Tim Dutton has identified 10 key aspects of national AI policies.

AI in Healthcare

How Google Plans To Use AI To Reinvent The $3 Trillion US Healthcare Industry | CBinsights
Very detailed report on Google’s activities in healthcare. Google is betting that the future of healthcare is going to be structured data and AI. The company is applying AI to disease detection, new data infrastructure, and potentially insurance.

The Real Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Cancer | Forbes
Paul Armstrong is reporting on the discussions at the CogX conference on Medicine and how it is already benefitting greatly from machine learning in areas from diagnosis to treatment

Algorithms may outperform doctors, but they’re no healthcare | The Guardian
Discussion of two critical questions: the way in which changing approaches to medical knowledge through AI could affect the doctor-patient relationship, and the ethics of how patients’ data gets used.


Letter from Shenzhen | Logicmag
This is a really great article by Xiaowei R. Wang explaining why China is so different to the US or Europe when it omes to technology adoption. You have to look at a small town in one of the poorest provinces in China to understand how different is really is. How ubiquitous WeChat and Alipay really are.