Round up of science , technology and business news from the world of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Innovation – carefully selected by Ingo Hoffmann

After a few month break New not Noise is back.

Let’s start with a few interesting articles and studies which have been published on Microsoft’s AI activities in the last few month. I also plan to write more articles with my personal point-of-view again in the near future so that you will see a hopefully interesting mixture.

AI and Microsoft

Status of AI in Europe | EY

EY has published an interesting report (commissioned by Microsoft) on Artificial Intelligence in Europe – looking at 307 companies and how they benefit from AI. 62% of the companies are still only in the planning or piloting phase when it comes to AI. Interesting to note that overall AI is a “hot topic” – but more so on C-level than in daily operations. Most companies expect AI to impact ‘optimizing operations’, with ‘engaging customers’ as a close second. But on the other hand AI is expected to impact entirely new business areas in the future. EY has also asked the companies what the key capabilities are that are most important ‘to get AI right’. The list includes Advanced Analytics, Data Management, AI Leadership, Open Culture, Emerging Tech, Agile Development, External Alliances and Emotional Intelligence

All of these are certainly relevant and you can read more details in the report.

Microsoft’s AI Pipeline | Fastcompany

Harry McCracken is looking at the AI pipeline at Microsoft. From research to MS Office, gaming to Azure and project „brainwave“. Clearly Microsoft is putting AI front and center these days.

Microsoft invests in OpenAI | TechCrunch

And if you need one more argument to see how important AI is at Microsoft just look at their recent announcement to invest in OpenAI.

Conversation with Kevin Scott, CTO Microsoft | Lex Friedman

On his AI podcast series Lex Friedman had a conversation with Kevin Scott which is giving interesting insights to Microsoft’s research activities – not only for AI.

AI and Business

Videos Rise of AI conference | Youtube

You can now watch all the presentations from the last Rise of AI conference. Fabian Westerheide is organising this event every year in Berlin. It does cover the various aspects of AI. I liked the talks from Charles-Edouard Bouée, Christian Guttmann, Pascal Weinberger, Vlad Data just to name a few. But have a look yourself.