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Why AI Could Be Entering a Golden Age – Wharton
Frank Chen, a partner specializing in AI at top venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, makes a case that AI could be entering a golden age in this interview with knowledge@wharton.

Great collection of 200+ examples of AI in action

An interesting look at what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design: Fjord Trends 2018

Future of Work

Two Myths About Automation – Project Syndicate
While many people believe that technological progress and job destruction are accelerating dramatically, there is no evidence of either trend argues Barry Eichengreen. Thus, the coming technological transformation won’t entail occupational shifts on the scale of the Industrial Revolution, with its wholesale redistribution of labor between the agricultural and industrial sectors. But it will be more important than ever for people of all ages to update their skills and renew their training continuously, given how their occupations will continue to be reshaped by technology.

What can machine learning do? Workforce implications – Science
Great article by Erik Brynjolfsson1 and Tom Mitchell on the effects of Machine Learning for the economy and employment. They argue that effects on employment are more complex than the simple replacement and substitution story emphasised by some. Although economic effects of ML are relatively limited today, and we are not facing the imminent “end of work” as is sometimes proclaimed, the implications for the economy and the workforce going forward are profound


Technology and Innovation

The Best Reads on Platforms from 2017
A collection of the most significant reads of 2017 on the topics of platform and ecosystem by Simone Cicero

Why you want blockchain-based AI, even if you don’t know it yet – VentureBeat
Great article by Jeremy Epstein on the subtle, but growing importance of AI and Blockchain to drive trust and explainability!

The artificial intelligence computing stack – O’Reilly
A look at why the U.S. and China are investing heavily in this new AI computing stack.