News not Noise – 03/2018

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, News not Noise

This week’s topics focus on the challenges and opportunities for Deep Learning, a field of Machine Learning that is simultaneously labelled a silver bullet and research hype.

How Amazon Rebuilt Itself Around Artificial Intelligence | WIRED
Very insightful article by Steven Levy on Amazon’s ride to become a big force in Artificial Intelligence. May be the force.

The Limits of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning | WIRED
With all the advances in machine learning we are still at the beginning. Jason Pontin is looking at the limits and downsides using current technologies like deep learning. And the smart people working on the next breakthrough.

Artificial Intelligence’s ‘Black Box’ Is Nothing to Fear | The New York Times
But even with these concerns there are good reasons to focus on the opportunities for AI argues Vijay Pande

Deep Misconceptions About Deep Learning | Towards Data Science
For all interested in a deeper discussion Jesse Moore is addressing some of the misconceptions about Deep Learning.

Big Ideas 2018 | ARK Invest
And finally a great piece of research by ARK Invest arguing that Deep Learning could approach a global market cap of 17$ trillion in 20 years.