News not Noise – 04/2018

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, Business, News not Noise

This week’s topics focus on artificial intelligence trends reshaping industries and economies in 2018 and beyond and the key role China will play.

China’s AI agenda advances | The Diplomat
Elsa Kania is asking if China’s ambitions to “lead the world” in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030 are credible? It is clear for her that China will be at the forefront of the global AI revolution, though uncertainties remain about China’s future trajectory and prospects to realize its ambitions.

How does Chinese tech stack up against American | The Economist
Silicon Valley may not hold onto its global superiority for much longer. At the present pace China’s tech industry will be at parity with America’s in 10-15 years. This will boost the country’s productivity and create tech jobs. But the real prize is making far more profits overseas and setting global standards.

Vishal Sikka: Why AI Needs a Broader, More Realistic Approach | Wharton
Long and very informative interview with Vishal Sikka about the current hype around AI, the bottleneck it faces, and the adoption in China. „The adoption of AI technology and modern technology in China, especially in rural areas, is staggering.”

Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch In 2018 | CB Insights
Of $15.2 billion invested in AI startups globally in 2017, 48 percent went to China and just 38 percent to America. So says a new report from CB Insights about the state of AI. This one of 13 artificial intelligence trends reshaping industries and economies in 2018. MUST READ

Asking the right questions about AI | Medium
Great article by Yonatan Zunger about the question what AI can do today – and what not. AI models hold a mirror up to us; they don’t understand when we really don’t want honesty. They will only tell us polite fictions if we tell them how to lie to us ahead of time.

Quantum Algorithm Will Push AI ‘Thinking’ to New Heights
Taylor Donovan Barnett argues that Quantum computing could help bring the age of super intelligent artificial intelligence and will revolutionise the world, reshaping our everyday lives.