This weeks focus is on the opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. AI related risks getting a lot of attention in the press. But let’s not forget that advanced AI and automation is already beginning to tackle some of the world’s hardest, and dangerous, problems, help to keep us safe and healthy in the 21 century. And with this come business opportunities for companies big and small.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a seat and get ready for the weekly reads

Treating cancer, stopping violence… How AI protects us (BBC)
Richard Gray from the BBC.com Future Now series discusses how AI can help to keep us safe and healthy in the 21 century, combating infactious diseases like Dengue fever , fighting cancer and help farmers to fight plant diseases.

Patients’ illnesses could soon be diagnosed by AI, NHS leaders say (The Guardian)
NHS England plans to invest more of its £120bn budget in AI to speed up its application to medicine and the health service. The Chief Executive sees great opportunity to get smarter about the way we are using AI and machine learning with datasets to improve the quality of clinical care

Preparing for the Challenge of Artificial Intelligence (Hospital&Health Network)
Jennifer S. Geetter and Dale C. Van Demark argue that healthcare leaders need to be well well-informed to achieve promises and avoid pitfalls of AI in healthcare. They are discussing some of the challenges integrating AI in health organizations

Artificial intelligence won’t replace a doctor any time soon, but it can help with diagnosis (The Conversation)
Luke Oakden-Rayner from the University in Adelaide looks at three ways patients will interact with medical AI in the future, and what benefits and downsides this might bring

3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks in Healthcare (fool.com)
AI in healthcare as an investment opportunity

Up And Up: Healthcare AI Startups See Record Deals (CB Insights)
CB Insights is looking at the Healthcare AI Startups. Deals with AI in healthcare startups increased 29% year-over-year to hit 88 deals in 2016, and are already on track to reach a 6-year-high in 2017