News not Noise #14

by | Oct 14, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, Business, News not Noise

After a break due to some travel and vacation we are back with updates from the world of innovation and artificial intelligence. This weeks edition is focusing on the application of AI in Business and the latest developments in China.

AI and Business

DARPA wants to teach and test ‘common sense’ for AI | TechCrunch
The lack of common sense is one of the key challenges AI is facing today. AI solutions can not understand the world. DARPA is teaming up with the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence to change this. The common sense effort is part of DARPA’s big $2 billion investment in AI.

The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies (2018-2019) |
Interesting overview of Enterprise AI companies although a bit US focused.

How to deliver on Machine Learning projects |
Machine Learning (ML) is becoming an important part of every industry. Many companies and teams are facing the challenge that the process of developing new ML models is highly uncertain at the outset. Emanuel Ameisen describes a helpful approach how to get started: the ML Engineering Loop, where ML Engineers iteratively Analyze, Select an approach, Implement, and Measure to rapidly and efficiently discover the best models and adapt to the unknown.

How AI is helping Amazon become a trillion-dollar company | FastCompany
Everyone knows Amazon is using AI for product recommendations. But this is just the tip of the iceberg . In this article, Daniel Terdiman describes many other aspects of Amazons use of AI. From the fulfillment center to Amazon Go, from Alexa to AWS. AI is a key aspect of Amazon’s growth story.

Bezos Unbound: Exclusive Interview With The Amazon Founder On What He Plans To Conquer Next | Forbes
To continue on the Amazon theme here is a great article by Randall Lane on an interview with Jeff Bezos. “The most interesting thing about machine learning as opposed to a lot of other technologies is just how horizontal it’s going to be,” Bezos says. “There’s not a single category of business or government or anything, really, that can’t improve itself.”

Google’s cutting-edge artificial-intelligence unit is costing millions | businessinsider
It is fascinating to see some of the results coming from Deepmind, like AlphaGo. But you have to have deep pockets to fund these research activities. Top-tier researcher and AI experts working for Deepmind are not available for Google’s competitors. May be this alone is worth the investment.

How, why, and when AI & machine learning will transform organizations | 451research
Although we are in the very early phases of machine learning adoption – probably in the flat bit at the start of an S curve – 451research found plenty of organizations already developing or deploying machine learning.


Many people by now know the „rock stars“ of artificial intelligence like Andrew Ng, Sebastian Thrun, Geoffrey Hinton, or Yann LeCun. But do you know the key players in China? This list is a good start .

Former Head of Google China Foresees an AI Crisis—and Proposes a Solution |
If you have not read the new book from Kai-Fu Lee , „AI Superpowers“, I highly recommend you do this. In this interview with IEEE Spectrum you will get some insights from him why China will overtake the US in AI and more.

Who’s afraid of Artificial Intelligence in China? | deutschewelle
A really good article and overview of the AI development in China and the sometimes surprising views of people in China on the topic.

National AI strategies

China’s leaders are softening their stance on AI | technologyreview
This is an interesting and somehow unexpected move. China seems to open up for more collaboration on AI topics. Speaking at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai recently, China’s vice premier, Liu He, said that AI would depend heavily on international cooperation.