Interesting reads on Digital Transformation, innovation and artificial intelligence

This week the focus is on INNOVATION – so pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab a seat and get ready for the weekly reads

Most innovative Companies – and what we can learn from Amazon and China (ingo-hoffmann)
Forbes and FastCompany have released their list of most innovative companies. There are some interesting insights and lessons.

What China reveals about the future of Innovation (BCG)
Why China is at the forefront of innovation with their customer-to-business innovation model.

Reinventing innovation (PwC)
Key insights from PwC’s Innovation Benchmark. They are reviewing five findings to guide strategy through execution

How does Amazon innovate (Forbes)
Amazon is one of the most innovative companies. They have succeeded in creating an environment with very high throughput of inventive ideas. This article explores their approach and process.

The Value of Play As a Driver of Innovation (FarnamStreet)
Exploring play is about understanding that innovation can happen when we are driven by enjoyment. Innovation doesn’t always have to be a serious pursuit.